Boris Leifer


About the Artist


Boris Leifer, the painter b. 25.06.1946
Graduated from the Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Achitecture (Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg, Russia) in 1975.

Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Member of the Israel Union of Artists.

Recent awards:
Artist of The Year - Mantova - Theatre Sociale (2019);
International Prize Velazquez - Barcelona - MEAM (2019).

One-man exhibitions: New York (1997,2000); Paris (2000); Yaroslavl (Russia, 2001, 2011), Tel Aviv (Israel, 2015), The Municipal Art Gallery in Beit "Yad Labanim" Raanana (2019).

Film about the exhibition at The Municipal Art Gallery
in Beit "Yad Labanim" Raanana - January-March 2019

Group exhibition: Berlin (Germany, 2017).

Participated in regional, district, republican, all-Union exhibitions (USSR), as well as in expositions abroad (in the USA, France, Sweden, Italy, Israel, et al.). Took part in the international Art-Expo exhibition in Moscow in 1998.

The painter's works are to be found in quite a few museum collections:
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem,
the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia),
the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, Russia),
the Chicago Art Museum (Chicago, USA),
the Picture Gallery of Torre-Canavese (Torre-Canavese, Italy),
the Yaroslavl Art Museum (Yaroslavl, Russia),
the National Gallery of the Republic of Komi (Syktyvkar, Russia).

His paintings were also accepted by Ben-Ami Endres auctions (2009 and 2010) and by Tiroche auction house (2010).

List of galleries that have handled Boris's work recently:

1. The Little Acorn
    - Dunwoody, Georgia.
2. Eetsy Havens Gallery
    - Columbia, South Carolina.
3. The Gallery of United Fruit Company
    - Chicago, Illinois.
4. Midland Art Gallery
    - Midland, Texas.
5. Soho Art Gallery
    - Tulsa Oklahoma.
6. Judith Posner Fine Art Gallery
    - Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
7. Meller Art Gallery
    - Omaha, Nebraska.
8. H. Heather Edelman Fine Art Galleries
    - Soho and Chelsea, New York.
9. Austin Fine Art Galleries
   - San Francisco, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach,

 Corporate collections that handled Boris's work recently:

1. United Fruit Company Fine Art Collection
    - Chicago, Illinois.
2. Arthur Anderson Fine Art Acquisitions
    - St. Charles, Illinois.
3. Midland Companies Fine Art Collection
    - Midland, Texas.
4. Soho Gallery Showcase of Fine International Art
    - Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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